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August 01, 2014
Malicious Software Warning from the US Government to Al...

July 23, 2014
Learning about the Family Business.

July 18, 2014
June shows hope of economy picking up steam.

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Wind River Financial is southern Wisconsin's most preferred payment processing partner.*

Many books have been written about the keys to business success. Here at Wind River Financial, we believe the key to success is really quite simple: getting paid.

How you get paid may not be all that simple. You can accept payments at the point of purchase, over the phone, through the mail, online, at trade shows and in the field. You can accept one-time payments or recurring payments. You can accept consumer credit cards, business cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, ACH payments or a combination of those. And the options go on…

Wind River Financial designs, implements and supports
payment acceptance and processing programs for businesses of all sizes.

We draw from a vast array of products and services to customize the right program for your business. We help you keep card data safe and secure from breach. We help train your staff on how to use the program. We monitor your activity to ensure you’re getting the best rates available. We back your program with industry-leading client care, long After the Handshake.

And we do all that at rates competitive with processors that don’t do all that.

How can we help you get paid?



*Independent Study of 225 businesses, December 2012