Wind River knows that you rely on us to ensure you can accept credit card payments at critical times like the upcoming holiday season! In the last month or so I had written a couple of blogs about the upcoming retirement dates for the Omni 3740/3750 terminals, as well as the Omni 395, 396, 3200 & 3200SE. As a reminder, the Omni 3740/3750 terminals will have no Help Desk support as of Nov 1st 2012!

If you are using an Omni 3740 or 3750, Wind River Financial will NOT be able to do any downloads for troubleshooting or application updates effective Nov 1st, 2012. When upgrading to newer equipment, please keep in mind the upcoming implementation of EMV smart cards in the United States, as well as NFC (near field comm for mobile and wireless data transmission) and E2EE (end to end encryption). Please do not go out to the internet and purchase any old terminal! You need to be sure you’re upgrading to a terminal choice that is Class A Certified and better prepared for these new changes! When you’re ready, or if you have any questions, please contact your relationship manager or myself for the most updated information available on EMV, NFC & E2EE capable terminals. Also, watch for upcoming blogs on this new technology!

Wind River Financial offers special pricing for upgrading to newer exciting terminals. We also have Virtual Terminals at competitive prices!

Other terminals that are on the End of Life list are the following:
*Verifone Zon Jr XL

*Hypercom T8, T7E, T77, T7P & T7Plus

*Verifone Tranz 330, 380, 460’s Talento – All units (currently no support)
*Nurit 8400 Omni 395, 396, 3200, 3200SE (Feb 2nd 2013)