G2 Visits
Mark Courchane’s daughters Claire and Ellen recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Uncle Matt visiting our clients and learning about the business.
Claire reports that one thing we loved discussing with the clients is what made Wind River different. Over and over again, we heard about it’s great value—but even more often, we heard about the impact customer service has had. The clients said they love that when they call in, they talk to an actual human being, not a recording. They said they felt like they had people looking out for them, and people who were willing to guide them through any confusing parts of processing. As credit cards become more and more popular, they really appreciated having such a stable company helping them process!
Meeting with clients was a great opportunity for Ellen and I. At the beginning of the day, we thought that Wind River was mostly contained in a building on Buttonwood Drive. But after getting to meet some of our many clients up close, it was easy to see that Wind River is truly made up of the people that it services.