“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. – Covey

If only I can increase engagement my customers will be more loyal, visit my store more and stay longer and my revenues will go up! Increasing engagement is the panacea for retail – a fully engaged customer generates a 23% premium (Gallup). We need to get some of that!

Engagement is tricky though. It only happens when the experience is:

  • Immersive (I am focused and involved)
  • Interesting (I am passionate and enthusiastic)
  • Actionable – Generates action or activation (I will behave in a certain way)

The reward is high, but the risk is high as well. If I create an experience that bombards my customers with offers just because they walked in the store, or the customer can’t tailor the experience to match their interests, or it is cumbersome and time consuming to obtain value – then I can lose customers, loyalty and trust very, very quickly.

Engagement doesn’t just happen. In order to create that experience that is Immersive, Interesting and Actionable, I really need to know more about my customers or attendees. Creating a truly engaging experience requires planning. Understanding my customer’s behavior is essential!

I have a very detailed understanding of my customers digital-world behavior. Google Analytics has long been the standard to tell me sites my customers visit, what pages they visited, in what order they visited those pages, how long did they stay and how many times did they come back. With this information I can then tailor relevant content and create that engaging, more personal experience.

Now my customers are mobile, 70% of them are showrooming in my store and 30% of all sales are mobile. How do I capture their attention in the store and create that engaging experience? Well, before you go and create some very cool, flashy engagement app – seek first to understand your customers behavior today. What are your customers doing in your location today? What action do you want them to take? How and when should I deliver content?

Seek first to understand your customer AND THEN create a very cool, interesting, more personal and actionable experience for your customers. AND THEN sales will go up!

To find out how to understand your customer better and then create engaging experiences plan to attend one of my sessions at the Wind River Innovation Exchange and Client Appreciation Event on September 8.  Look for your invitation via Constant Contact email later this week.  The event will be hosted at the Wind River office location.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Guest Blogger and upcoming Speaker Liz Eversoll