“A good life is a collection of Happy Moments” — a great quote by Denis Waitley and one of my personal favorites. I always smile when I hear it, read it or even just think about it, how can you not, right? You start thinking about Happy Moments. What’s better than that?!

During a recent companywide meeting, it was shared that over 80% of our business has come from referrals (Blog) which is pretty amazing. During that same meeting, several emails written by our customers were incorporated into the presentation and projected up on the big screen. The individual Wind River staff who were part of the email were asked to share the story with the entire company. It was great, we were sharing our customer’s happy moments that we helped create!

You could sense the mood of the entire room brightening. Then it began to take on a life of its own. Someone said, “We should share these at every meeting.” Another comment followed, “We should post these on our Facebook page.” And maybe the best suggestion, “We should really thank our customers for taking the time to share these with us!”

Low and behold, the Wind River Proud Partner #WRFproudpartner program was created.

Here’s how it works, really it’s pretty simple…

When a customer shares a “Happy Moment” with a member of the WRF staff, they send it to Matt Tomlinson, our Proud Partner Director. He collects them and shares them out to our entire team. Monthly, WRF will share some of the Happy Moments externally using the hash tag #WRFproudpartner. It is a great way to give our customers kudos via our blog and social media channels.

To add to the “moment” we will add each customer story to a list and one will be selected at random to receive a “thank you” gift each quarter. Check out these special quarterly “Happy Moment” gifts our staff came up with:

1. Badger tickets
2. Packer Tickets
3. Kalahari 1 night stay + additional gift card
4. Wollersheim Winery special event + gift card
5. Vortex optics
6. Electronics (Apple watch/iPad/GoPro)
7. Kessler’s, AC Zuckerman or Goodman’s Bling

#WRFproudpartner program, what a great way to share our client’s happy moments with us… after all, “A good life is a collection of Happy Moments.” Or maybe at Wind River we think “A good work life is a collection of our customer’s Happy Moments.” Have a Happy Moment or positive feedback for us? Please share it now with MTomlinson@windriverfinancial.com