Software companies make scores of decisions every day that can impact the success of their business. For companies with integrated payments or are considering integrating payments in their software, few decisions are as important as choosing which payment approach leads to the:

  1. Greatest revenue
  2. Best customer experience
  3. Least expense

To help software companies choose the optimal payment approach for their business, Wind River just released a new eBook, Win or Lose by the Path You Choose. The book parallels decisions that software providers must make when launching or enhancing integrated payments with key decisions that players make in the Game of Life board game. It’s a quick, yet informative read.

Below is a brief 2-minute YouTube video with highlights of the eBook.

Here’s what one reader had to say:

“As a company, we found that we needed to change our payment path. The approach described in this eBook was key to enhancing our environment. It was the best decision for our customers and our company.”

Jason Plasencia, Vice President of Savance, a business automation software provider

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