There are a number of new and revised fee structures effective April 2022 being implemented by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express OptBlue. Wind River Financial believes in transparency of all association fees applicable to your merchant processing costs, so we will be passing through these new fees with no mark-ups or changes to our customers.

There are hundreds of fee structures and not all are applicable to all card types or to all merchants. Detailed below are the few that will affect most merchants’ day-to-day transaction processing costs.

You can see a full listing of these new fees by clicking here or by visiting our Resource Library and searching for April 2022 Interchange & Network Fee Updates.

VISA Interchange Fee Program Additions and Revisions – Visa is introducing several new fee programs associated with both utility merchants and small volume merchants as well as both token and non-token card not present consumer card transactions.

This includes modifying the existing US Utility interchange fee program to provide differentiated rates for recurring bill payment utility transactions from non-regulated Visa consumer and Visa Business debit and prepaid products. Note: Existing MVV and eligibility rules do not change for the Visa Utility fee program.

In addition, they will be modifying rates associated with certain consumer credit transactions.

MasterCard Interchange Fee Program Additions and Revisions – Mastercard is introducing enhancements to their Consumer and Commercial credit and debit Interregional and Intraregional interchange programs. In addition, they are modifying rates for several existing US domestic Consumer and Commercial interchange programs.

MasterCard has also announced changes to the current Digital Enablement Fee billing structure. To enhance safety and security in the payments ecosystem, Mastercard is providing access to several of their fraud mitigation tools and adjusting the billing structure for the Digital Enablement Fee (DEF). The change to the fee structure is that this is now applicable to dual message CNP authorizations acquired in the US.

Discover Card Fee Program Additions and Revisions – Discover will be implementing interchange rate updates that were previously delayed from 2020 and 2021 compliance releases for credit, debit and prepaid programs for Consumer and Commercial cards.

In addition, they are modifying their Acquirer Assessment Fee and introducing ten new US Consumer Charity interchange programs for transactions containing MCC 8398.

American Express OptBlue Fee Program Additions and Revisions – The Amex OptBlue Services and Professional Services Interchange Program descriptions will be renamed to properly align with the Amex OptBlue industry code program.

In addition, Amex OptBlue is making changes to their Services and Professional Services Tier 1 and Tier 2 interchange program threshold amounts. They are also revising the current Services and Professional Services Tier 1 program interchange rate. American Express OptBlue is also modifying their Assessment & Sponsorship Fee.