Sarah Nankivil, a veteran manager at printing and signage mainstay Econoprint, sees the stories in the newspaper about large companies experiencing credit card data breaches.

“When you see what happened to Target,” Sarah says, “you realize how critical data security is. And we have the same security needs that big businesses have.”

Wind River Financial relationship manager, Karla Hofbauer, raised the topic of card data security and PCI Compliance at an Econoprint annual program review meeting. Soon, the Wind River risk management team was developing a TrustCommerce solution to protect Econprint’s customer information – and its own reputation. That solution was implemented at Econoprint’s 30,000-square-foot printing facility, and through an online bill-pay system on its website.

“With TrustCommerce, no one can see the card numbers,” Sarah said. “So that’s one less thing I have to worry about.”