Antiquated Integrated Payments Jeopardizing New Business

A Midwestern software company (ISV) had a large new sales opportunity on the line. Only one thing was standing in the way of winning this customer – an integrated payment solution that was outdated.

This prospective customer had very specific needs – needs that the current payment integration could not support. These included:

  • Cloud EMV for comprehensive transaction data security
  • Contactless technology to meet the changing needs of consumers
  • Mobile wallet payment acceptance, including Apple Pay and Google Pay

The clock truly was ticking as the ISV’s payment solution needed to be modernized in four short weeks if the deal was going to be signed.

Partnering with Wind River Financial for Integrated Payments

Working quickly with the ISV’s development team, Wind River assessed the current environment, developed detailed integration requirements, rolled up its sleeves, and got to work.

In addition to completing the required integration in the four-week time frame, Wind River took the modernization a step further by recommending the addition of account updater. This automated capability keeps credit card information up-to-date to ensure recurring and repeat payments are not delayed because card data has expired or changed.

Six-figure Software Sale from a Single Customer

Wind River’s solution recommendations and integration efforts paid off in real dollars for the ISV. The new, six-figure software sale was signed. In addition to that revenue, the ISV continues to earn a share of the payments processed through the 25 retail locations of this one new customer.

The story doesn’t end here, though. The updated payment integration continues to yield benefits to the ISV by:

  • Attracting new software customers that would not have otherwise been signed
  • Providing a tangible advantage over the integrated payment solution of its competitors.

The payment needs of individual prospects and customers can be vastly different. The key for ISVs is to have a reliable payment partner that is not only willing and able, but is nimble enough to help you address those needs in timely fashion.