A Midwest-based company that provides lead generation and appointment setting services for businesses across the country is no stranger to service. This company is considered a leader in the industry because of its level of service and customer commitment. Not only does the management team hold themselves to the highest standards of service and support, but they also expect the same from their vendors – that includes its payment processing provider.

Issues with Funds Being Held

For several years, this company had a relationship with one of the larger, international payment processors. Their processor provided them with their own personal account rep and things had been humming right along.

Out of the blue, the rules changed, and the personal account rep went away. In addition, the current provider implemented a 21 day hold on the company’s receipts without warning or explanation. This is ironic as this payment provider lists “fast access to funds” as one of the attributes to consider when
evaluating potential payment processors. Over a hundred employees were relying on their weekly paycheck – a three-week hold of receipts placed an unnecessary burden on cashflow and that weekly commitment.

Referral from the Banking Partner

Wind River Financial is the strategic payment partner of this company’s financial institution, a local credit union. The credit union partnered with Wind River because of its exceptional service commitment and reliability so the fit was perfectly aligned. The owner of the company reached out, and Wind River offered the following:

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager, based in Madison, Wisconsin. This would eliminate the company needing to search for someone, anyone to call when a need arises. The Relationship Manager would be the primary point person to answer questions and resolve any issues.
  • Competitive pricing that actually was less expensive than the former payment provider.
  • Streamlined implementation process to make the transition as quick and simple as possible.


The process of transitioning to Wind River was smooth and expeditious. In fact, the owner of the
company placed his initial phone call to Wind River on a Thursday. By Tuesday of the following
week, their credit and debit card payments were completely moved over and being processed by Wind River. Plus, full PCI compliance certification was achieved within the first week.

  • Up and running within 5 days
  • Wisconsin-based relationship manager
  • No hold on the company’s receipts
  • Cost savings on payment processing

“Wind River has an advantage over those who don’t focus on service. We’ll be with Wind River for years to come!”