It’s incredible to believe that Thanksgiving 2018 is already upon us. If you’re anything like a fair amount of us, in between the food comas and football, you’ll know doubt be planning how to score the best holiday shopping deals this weekend. With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to encourage you to consider supporting your local community and Shop Small this Saturday, November 24.

Beginning in 2010 thanks to American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Small Business Saturday has been thoughtfully reminding people of how vital our local small businesses are ever since. When a small business succeeds, our communities win. Local businesses help shape the neighborhood identity and add to its character. The shops, restaurants and services that surround us create vibrancy and contribute to the overall health of our communities.

On top of that, the economic benefits cannot be understated. When customers shop locally, their tax dollars stay in the community, allowing for cities to maintain infrastructure and important services. Local jobs are created, and in turn, those the local employees will support other small businesses, bringing everything full circle in a thriving neighborhood and healthy marketplace.

The small businesses that surround us offer unique products and services reflective of the communities they’re in. And in our opinion, you’ll never get a better customer experience than the ones you get when you shop local. Small business owners are usually experts in what they sell. Leverage that expertise!

And don’t just take our word for it. Paul Douglas, one of our customers and owner of Douglas Art & Frame, accurately sums up why Small Business Saturday is so important.

“We’re here to support our community, but without your support, we won’t be here tomorrow.”

So if there’s one more thing we can add to the list to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, let’s thank our local business for everything they do and Shop Small this Saturday.