Hey, we just reached an important milestone and want to celebrate with you!

In the beginning, our dream was to build a company that would help local businesses solve complex payment processing problems. Our drive was to control our own destiny and have fun while caring for one another! Thanks to you, Wind River is now set to celebrate 15 years of growing strong partnerships.

The key lesson from the “first fifteen” is that motivated, smart people with a strong work ethic combined with an unrelenting focus on client care, can find success in the market. With over 3,000 business relationships and recognition as one of Madison’s Best Places to work, Wind River has established a solid foundation of business relationships on which to grow.

Co-Founders and Brothers-in-law, Mark Courchane and Matt Uselman

Co-Founders and brothers-in-law, Mark Courchane and Matt Uselman, started Wind River Financial 15 years ago.

We optimistically look forward to meeting whatever challenges emerge in “the next fifteen.” Our purpose of helping businesses succeed and values of caring for one another while having fun, will remain constant as we adopt to the changing business needs of our clients.

Whether you’re a new client of ours or have been with us since inception, we thank you for your continued support and business these last 15 years!