Upgrade to a Chip Card Terminal

What are Chip Cards?

Chip cards (also called EMV cards) are a more secure type of credit card that is new to the US. They protect consumers from identity theft by being nearly impossible to duplicate. To benefit from the extra security of a chip card, it needs to be inserted into a terminal with a chip card reader instead of being swiped. Banks have been switching to these new cards since 2014, you may have already gotten one in the mail.

Can I Swipe a Chip Card?

You can, but then the consumer isn't benefiting at all from the extra security of the chip card. Also, starting in October of 2015, you may be held liable for fraudulent charges if you swipe a chip card instead of using the chip. This rule change comes from Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and it's commonly called the "liability shift". You can learn more about the liability shift on our blog. If you accidentally swipe a chip card through your chip terminal, don't worry. The terminal will stop and remind you to use the chip.

Chip Card Terminal

Chip Terminal Benefits

Modern chip terminals are fast, secure and very easy to use.

  • Compatible with chip cards and non-chip cards
  • Works with an internet connection or phone line (internet recommended)
  • Meets the latest PCI security standards for terminals (PCI PTS V3.0)
  • Built-in NFC allows you to take Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and other contactless payments
  • Built-in cable management keeps your counter looking neat

Let Us Make the Chip Card Transition Easier For You

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