Let Our Certified Security Experts Take the Wheel

Security is a moving target. Protective measures of today often become outdated tomorrow due to a steady onslaught of new and sophisticated threats. You can either self-navigate the complexity of keeping your protection current, or let the experts take the wheel so you can focus on doing what you do best — running your business. This is where Wind River can help.

Wind River’s experts have extensive data security backgrounds and can provide the breadth of knowledge you need to keep your business secure. We are required to undergo continuing education and training, and we carry certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and PCI [Data Security Standard] Professional (PCIP).

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Among the protective services we provide:

  • PCI DSS Gap Analysis/PCI Readiness Assessment: A preparation service for any business toward validating PCI DSS compliance. Our PCI DSS experts will identify significant compliance gaps, clarify requirements, discuss compensating controls, assess vulnerability scan results, and take other steps to prepare your business to reach baseline compliance.
  • Data Security Best Practices Review & Recommendations: Our experts will use a generalized approach in view of current cybersecurity trends to bolster your protection and reduce your vulnerability.
  • Remote Access Assessment/Wireless Assessment: Does your business have employees or vendors that require remote access into your network to complete certain tasks? Are wireless networks used to provide connectivity for employees or customers? Our experts will assess your connectivity from firewall configuration to network architecture and make recommendations on best practices or bring your business into compliance.
  • Vendor Risk Assessment: Unless you are completely sure about what your vendors do with your customer information and how they protect your data, you could be at risk? We’ll complete a vendor assessment and make recommendations to help ensure your business is not left in an embarrassing situation with customers.
  • Security/Fraud Consulting/Anti-Fraud Solutions: Is your business experiencing significant levels of fraud or chargebacks. Our experts will look at everything from your business practices to technology and make recommendations to help you minimize these losses.
  • Employee Security Awareness Training – Individual or Recurring: Your employees are your first line of defense against phishing and other cybercrime activity, yet many are unaware of the dangers that can lurk in their email. All businesses should periodically conduct security awareness training for their employees. We’ll conduct custom training sessions for your employees to keep your business safe.
  • Audit Preparedness: Is your industry subject to regular or impromptu audits? Our compliance experts will help your business prepare so you can be confident of a positive outcome.
  • Policy Assistance: Compliance frameworks often require formal policies and procedures to be in place. Our experts can help your business prepare these policies so you’re ready to move forward in a sustainable fashion.
  • Breach Assistance: Many businesses do not think they are a target until the unthinkable happens. If it does, our experienced experts can help walk you through the steps to take, the important order in which they should be taken, mandatory reporting, and other related actions to help you through breach recovery.

Data Consulting Services

No matter the breadth of your security needs, we have the flexibility to structure a program that fits your business and your budget. Pricing can be based on a flat fee, hourly, or recurring consulting rate as appropriate.

To get started, we can identify your risk and compliance needs and provide a no-cost quote.

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