Get in the queue now or you might not get your new terminal before the October 1st date.

With the chip card liability shift just around the corner, we are beginning to see supplies of counter top terminals dwindling as the demand increases! This supply problem isn’t unexpected and we want to make sure our customers are ready to go! No need to wait any longer, we offer various counter top terminals to suit your needs.

From my own experience, I have been averaging over six new equipment trainings a day on these new terminals. I am getting great feedback about how much our customers like the new hardware, how impressed and excited they are about ApplePay and EMV. They say it is so easy and sleek, they wished they had purchased their terminals months ago!

Give us a call (800) 704-7253 or (608) 243-3264 or write me today at info@windriverfinancial.com to learn more about these new terminals.

Come on along….. Seriously, I don’t want you to miss the boat!