The quest to convert data and information into insights and action is a challenge for most companies. “Big data” is the trendy term around the process of data mining, but now with the exponential growth of data, we need help to extract insight from all that data. And actually the real value with big data isn’t how big it is, but how relevant it is. Because good analytics help identify opportunities and drive revenue growth.

So when Wind River rolled out WindLinks, our new merchant portal for online access to statement and reports, we knew there was a lot of data there. But aside from traditional research and reporting, we didn’t know if our clients were getting any new insight out of it. So we partnered with a technology company that creates value around all that transaction data. We are now introducing our new Insights platform – a solution that provides meaningful business trends and customer feedback – which improves decision making and drives innovation.

Through our technology partner, Womply, we are excited to offer Insights platform – which is like nothing else in the marketplace. It is a “big data” solution modeled along the lines of what large national corporations are using, but designed for small and medium size businesses in our market. This web-based solution is easy to use and understand. It provides meaningful business metrics and trends based upon transaction data and includes social media tracking and competitor information to help companies identify actionable ways to grow their business. Bottom line: it’s actionable, it improves decision making, and it drives innovation.

Click here to learn more about this new solution…or better yet, contact your Relationship Manager to schedule time to access your company’s big data dashboard.