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This is one of the easiest of the Insights you will see when you begin your 30-day free trial of Wind River Insights.

Not only will you be able to review valuable benchmarking against competitors; you can be assured your social online reputation is being reviewed and protected.

Nowadays, shoppers are reviewing your business online and choosing whether to shop or dine with you. It has become increasingly important that you “mind the store” when it comes to social media. Don’t know where to start? Wind River Insights is the place to begin.

You have trusted us with your merchant processing and now we are asking you to trust us when we tell you that this is an important next step to remain ahead of your competitors. It may seem like something “way out there”, but let us share our experience as to what we see in the industry as your credit card processor, we feel this is going to be “table stakes” to compete in the coming years.

We want to keep and attract the most successful businesses, that is why we believe this is important to let you, our clients, know about this type of product before your competitors do!

It is very affordable, month to month, no contact required and best of all it is simple to understand! Contact us at or call 800 704-7253 to view your own information and start your trial! It doesn’t hurt to look and I promise you it will be Insightful.