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Cilio Logo - Wind River Financial
August 11, 2022
Cilio Technologies Teams Up with Wind River Financial for Integrated Payments

The new strategic partnership enables Cilio’s installation services customers to seamlessly accept multi-channel payments directly through its CiO software.

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Etactics Logo
January 21, 2021
Wind River Financial Tapped for Integrated Payments Processing in Payment Hub by Etactics™

The partnership will deliver a single point of contact for Etactics’ clients and create a streamlined payment process.

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Bay Lakes Logo Wind River Financial Integrated Payments
September 11, 2020
Wind River Financial is Named Preferred Integrated Payments Partner for Bay Lakes Information Systems

The new partnership streamlines payment operations and delivers an all-in-one integrated payment solution to Bay Lakes’ customers.

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iStream Partners with Wind River Financial
August 28, 2020
Wind River Financial and iStream Financial Services Join Forces to Bring Expanded Integrated Payment Acceptance

The partnership creates an "easy button" for accepting ACH, Checks, and Credit Card payments through a single platform for customer convenience.

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Wind River Partners with MACH Software
August 27, 2020
MACH Software Selects Wind River Financial for Integrated Payments

The new partnership brings PCI simplification and optimum payment security to the MACH Order Management Solution.

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Win or Lose by the Path You Choose Introduction
August 5, 2020
Latest eBook from Wind River Financial Uses the Game of Life to Illustrate How to Have Success in Integrated Payments

Key decision points of the board game are paralleled with critical decisions that software providers must make when launching or enhancing integrated payments within their solution.

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Savance Wind River Financial Partnership Press Release
May 13, 2020
Savance Inc. Taps Wind River Financial for Integrated Payments

The new partnership will bring enhanced payment acceptance and security capabilities to Savance Enterprise platform customers.

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What Games Teach Us About Integrated Payments
April 16, 2020
Introducing the Win the Game eBook for Independent Software Vendors

New book from Wind River Financial applies video gaming strategies to score integrated payments success.

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Wind River Financial Business Resource Hub
April 9, 2020
Introducing the Business Resource Hub for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Information pertinent to continuing business operations during the COVID-19 outbreak is summarized and cataloged in a single web portal for easy access.

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Sift Healthcare logo
December 11, 2018
Wind River Financial and Sift Healthcare Announce Partnership

We're joining forces Sift Healthcare to optimize revenue cycle management.

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Published Articles

July, 2019

Breach Preparedness Know-How – For The Record Magazine

Gone are the days when health care organizations stored valuable patient information on disorganized stacks of floppy disks in dusty back corners of offices. Today, hospitals are using easily accessible and managed data storage systems that deliver universal connectivity in a networked environment.

But, as hospitals experience a prolific gain in data, they are reexamining their security processes with a single goal in mind: to streamline the security of their information management and enhance their breach preparedness…

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February 7, 2019

Three Key Ways to Drive Major Improvements in Denials Outcomes – Becker’s Hospital CFO Report

Claim denials are a normal occurrence in the world of healthcare, but improving outcomes is not about adding people or working a queue.

Today, denied claims require a team to spend time resolving the issues that hinder cash flow and delay reimbursements. This process costs health systems time and money…

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August 3, 2018

Healthcare Payment Processing Top Trending Topics – Becker’s Hospital CFO Report

In a world where healthcare is constantly changing, it’s important to take a moment to examine the current trends and pinpoint ways in which your health system can enhance both your patients’ experience and your organization’s billing process.

Here are four key healthcare payment trends noted by Wind River Financial, a Wisconsin-based payment processing company that specializes in providing patient payment, engagement, as well as data security solutions to health systems to keep patient data safe…

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February 3, 2018

After Bills Are Paid, Firms Help Providers Direct Payments to the Right Place – Modern Healthcare

Much attention is paid to how health systems collect bills on the front end, but the back end is where more of the money comes.

And “it’s an extremely challenging accounting process for hospitals,” said Jonathan Wiik, principal of healthcare strategy with TransUnion Healthcare and a former hospital finance administrator…

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