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 You have an awesome solution and you want your customer experience to be outstanding. Payments are part of the experience you want to offer, but how do you make that not only profitable but a benefit to your customers?

Payments sound easy, but the fact is there are many areas of risk, rules, and pitfalls. That is why the “here is our API documentation, good luck” is not a recipe for success. Not knowing the right payment options, methods, and rates can not only be risky, but costly to you and your customers. 

Helping make the complex easy

Terms like PCI, PADSS, Level III, and qualification monitoring may all sound like Greek to you. You could try to become an expert in payments, but why do that when you can leverage the expertise of a Top 50 provider that has built its reputation on delivering on their service promise. We have the knowledge, experience, and service culture to play the roles you need to make adding payments clear, safe, and profitable.

Why our Boutique Payment Integration Program is powerful for ISV’s

Management of Complex Funding Requirements & Movement

Payment Architecture Design

Navigation of Recurring Payment Environments

Data Security & Compliance Programs

EMV Certifications

Custom Reporting Projects


A ‘one size fits all’ or ‘off the shelf’ approach doesn’t always work. We take the time to understand your solution, workflow, and your customer’s needs to tailor a program that is seamless and efficient.

We guide you through the rapids of potential data loss and exposure so you can have tighter control over your payment environment and stay compliant.


We have built an extremely knowledgeable team that will be a part of the process, not just be a picture on a website. Our After the Handshake Promise has earned us the reputation of being a provider you and your customers can trust. Our over 90% retention rate speaks for itself.

What you will see is:

  • Transparency
  • A Knowledgeable Team that engages with you
  • Attention to Detail
  • A Great Customer Experience

Case Studies

Wind River and Esker worked together to outline
the scope and then a plan to address each challenge.

Esker Document Process Automation

Esker’s cloud-based TermSync platform is a product developed to help improve customer communication and payment experience around accounts receivable (AR) and collections management processes. Many B2B suppliers were looking to get paid faster (i.e., reduce their DSO) and enable their customers to make payments more efficiently and without expensive custom development projects.

Because of the growing prevalence of B2B credit card payments, Esker knew the business case for adding payments to their TermSync platform would be compelling. While tasked to find the right partner to lead them through the process, a few challenges emerged:

  • Finding a partner they could trust to treat their customers fairly. From a pricing and ongoing service/support perspective, the payment industry hasn’t built a strong reputation for transparency and fairness.
  • Minimizing their risk for loss of card data. Software vendors have increasingly become a high profile target of credit card breaches and theft. Loss of payment information means financial and reputational penalties to their brand.
  • Avoiding confusion around rules, regulations and compliance. Esker was looking for a hands-on approach. Many providers offered APIs and various integration methods with little guidance as to how to effectively utilize the technology. Unfamiliarity with the credit card industry and nuances associated with integrating B2B credit card payments led to confusion and frustration.
  • Enabling their clients with a solution to manage costs. Many B2B credit card accepting suppliers were looking for a way to manage their ongoing credit card fees.

Wind River’s solution started with a custom integration project plan specific to Esker’s objectives. Wind River and Esker worked together to outline the scope and then a plan to address each challenge. The final result ended with an innovative solution, unique to the B2B payment world.

Elimination of PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard) Scope. A hosted page eliminated payment information from being transmitted on Esker’s TermSync platform or their customers’ networks. Tokenization was utilized for secure card storage to ensure the safest best practice was in play.

Implementation of key B2B features to manage costs:

  • Surcharge Strategy — Key rule changes in 2013 enabled B2B merchants to pass on the full amount of the fees charged to the cardholder.
  • Level 3 Qualification Program — Automated passing of key elements to ensure the lowest interchange rate from the card associations.
  • Ongoing program reviews to ensure satisfaction and program growth. Ongoing reviews are a place to discuss key ongoing service questions, identify potential resolutions and provide marketing support. By engaging in regular joint calls, Wind River is able to consult and relay emerging payment topics and introduce new best practices.
“Wind River has been a fantastic partner that we have built our AR and collections management product with. We leaned on their expertise in the world of B2B payments to create several payment features that gave our platform a leading edge over some of our competitors. Their approach to treating customers and delivering value aligns exactly with what we were looking for in a strategic partner.” - Steve Smith, US Chief Operating Officer, Esker