Total Cost Management

Managing the total cost of any processing program can be challenging, especially when you operate in complex industries such as manufacturing. That being the case, working with a partner that you trust can make all the difference. Wind River makes your total cost our priority and assigns dedicated Relationship Managers to monitor your transactions and ensure that you’re getting the lowest possible rates from the card brands.

This proactive approach to cost management significantly reduces the costs associated with credit card processing by improving qualification rates and leveraging incentive programs. Equally important though, is that Wind River’s transparent communication of this information eliminates the cost-confusion so commonplace in the processing industry and creates confidence in the cost-effectiveness of your processing program.

Streamline Your AR Process

Besides cost management, by streamlining internal processes and increasing the effectiveness of existing resources in a manufacturing environment, you can dramatically impact your accounts receivable process.

  • Eliminate redundancies such as manual rekeying of data and ineffective workflows
  • Reduce the soft costs associated with accounts receivable
  • Give your customers on-demand payment options and remove antiquated invoice delivery and cash application processes

A Better ERP Platform

Our ERP agnostic platform also improves communication with your customers and dramatically lowers the amount of preparation your collection reps put in prior to making a call.

Reduce your DSO by as much as

in six months

Enable your CSRs to manage

as many collection accounts with less effort

Dedicated Customer Support

When you have a question or are dealing with a chargeback dispute, the last thing you want to do is wait on hold with a call center. That’s one of the many reasons that we assign a dedicated Relationship Manager to your account. Your Relationship Manager will know you on a first name basis and have an intimate understanding of your account.

Every time you have a need, you’ll be warmly greeted by an experienced member of the Wind River team who will help you quickly and easily find the answers you’re looking for. We believe that’s the primary reason we have an over 90 percent customer retention rate year-over-year – and we don’t need contracts to get there.

Advanced Security

We’ll help you establish a #SecurityFirst mindset so that you know your critical data and customer information are protected against digital threats. Many manufacturing industries are highly regulated, and you need a payments partner that understands the importance of creating a compliant environment.

An environment that meets the requirements you operate under and offers safer transactions to your customers.

  • Significantly decrease time and effort associated with PCI compliance
  • Harness data to auto populate your SAQ (security assessment questionnaire)
  • Access our security dashboard and communication tools to efficiently manage your compliance efforts

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