Payment Processing for Dental Clinics

We feel your pain. Nobody likes to go to the dentist, and nobody likes to choose a payment processor either. Regardless of how people feel though, we both offer a valuable service. And it’s because we can sympathize with the plight of dentists everywhere, we want to make sure that choosing a payment processing solution for your clinic is as painless as possible.

Trust and Transparency

When choosing a dentist, it all comes down to trust. It’s no different when choosing a payment processor. You need to feel that your clinic and your clients are receiving the best possible service.

Our goal as your payment processor is to provide a relationship based on trust, communication and transparency. Your patients trust you when they place themselves in your care, and we vow to do the same for you. Your clinic deserves openness and reliability from your payments partner.


We all know by now why we come to you to get our teeth cleaned. Plaque build-up is nasty business and can lead to cavities. Well, think of rate creep and hidden fees as plaque that affects much of the payment industry. We’re adamantly against such practices and go out of our way to make sure your processing fees are as clean as possible.

We aim to maintain pricing that is competitive and sustainable by performing continual qualification monitoring, so you maintain the best rates. We even do our own version of an annual check-up in order to review your payments program and look for ways we can save your clinic money.

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We know, we know. Flossing is one of the best security measures we can take for the future health of our teeth and gums. Well, just like you’re looking out for us. We look out for you. Security is a practice we take very seriously, especially since patient and payment data are a favorite target of cybercriminals everywhere. We’ll provide you the tools to ensure better payment security and get you on the path to PCI DSS compliance, which reduces your long-term costs as well as risk.


The core of our service is based on our After the Handshake guarantee. We’re not in it just to get you to sign the paperwork. In fact, that’s when the real work begins. You’ll have a dedicated Relationship Manager who actively monitors your account and is available to discuss your payment program whenever you need. They’ll also be the one who does your annual review and ensures you’re receiving the best rates. Service with a smile!


The payments industry is no stranger to rapidly changing technology. Whatever changes the future brings, we’ll ensure that you’ll be able to stay up-to-date and accept the latest payment technologies. Our software is also cloud based and can manage payments by mail, phone or web as well as recurring or mobile payments.

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