Payment Processing for Optometrists

There’s no need for an exam here. If your clinic is looking for a trusted partner to provide you with payment processing solutions, the answer is clear. Wind River has years of experiencing providing optometrists and optometry associations with the same level of care that you provide your own patients. That is to say, we make sure you’re taken care of.

Trust and Transparency

The core value of any healthcare provider, optometrists included, is trust. Your patients trust that you’ll take care of them. We feel that’s a value that has been missing from the payment processing industry so we set out to do things better. As your payments processor, we want to ensure that you always feel comfortable in the services we provide.



One of the biggest ways we build that trust is our belief in transparent pricing. The payments industry is notorious for pricing strategies that are extremely unfriendly to their customers. With Wind River, our Relationship Managers will make sure you always understand the processing costs you are paying, and whenever the major card brands update their fees, we’ll make sure that knowledge is very clearly communicated to you. You shouldn’t need glasses to read your invoices.

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We’re not blind to the importance of security. In fact, security is a primary concern at Wind River. With the amount of data breaches increasing year after year as well as patient and payment data being a highly sought after target by cybercriminals, small businesses such as yours are especially vulnerable.

That’s why we make sure you’re armed with with the tools and software to make sure your optometry office is protected. We’ll walk you through what you need to do to stay on the path to PCI DSS compliance, which ultimately reduces your long-term cost and risk.


As part of our commitment to doing things differently, we created the After the Handshake guarantee. This promise is meant to reinforce that we’re not here to just get your signature on some papers. We’re with you every step of the way, even AFTER the paperwork is signed.

We’re not a sign ’em and forget ’em processor. You’ll have a dedicated Relationship Manager who is actively responsible for your account. They’ll be available to discuss your program whenever you need. On top of that, they proactively ensure that you’re always receiving the best rates based on your business needs.


Staying current with technology is important for both our industries. We’ll make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest payment technologies and security software. Our terminals and POS software are easy to set-up and even easier to use. But don’t worry. That’s where are relationship managers and client education teams come in. They’ll make sure you understand how everything works.

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