Payment Processing for Veterinary Clinics

As a preferred payment processor for veterinarians and in order to ensure the highest level of service, Wind River offers our After the Handshake Promise. To us, it’s about more than just offering payment processing services. It’s about building relationships.

Trust and Transparency

The relationship between veterinarians and pet owners is an important one. The love that people have for their pets means that they can be very discriminating about who is providing care for their four-legged family members. Pet owners expect a significant level of trust, communication and transparency.

Wind River believes that type of relationship should be mirrored in the one your office has with its payment processor. Your veterinary practice should be just as discriminating and demand that same level of openness and reliability from your payments partner.


Rate creep and hidden fees are the fleas and ticks of the payment industry. Wind River doesn’t believe in these practices. Our pricing is competitive, sustainable and transparent. We perform continual qualification monitoring to ensure you are receiving the best rates. We even do regular rate reviews to examine your total program and actively search for ways to save your practice money.

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Consider us the invisible fence protecting your network. Wind River takes security extremely seriously, especially since 90 percent of data breaches affect small and mid-sized businesses. We’ll work with you to become Security First by providing you access to a suite of security tools that will help streamline PCI DSS compliance while improving your overall business security.


Our service promise is built on the After the Handshake guarantee. The true heart of our relationship doesn’t begin until after the paperwork has been signed. From that point forward, you will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be your direct, readily-available point of contact. Our relationship managers will connect with you and perform annual program reviews to always monitor your account and look for ways to save you money.


Technology can change overnight, and Wind River prides itself in being able to help you adapt to your clients changing payment needs. With our payment processing service, your veterinary clinic can accept any card, including Apple Pay and EMV. Our cloud-based software is designed to handle everything from mail order prescriptions to phone order and payment environments.

Additionally, you will be able to manage automatic recurring billing through our billing module as well as ecommerce, web payments and mobile solutions so your clients can pay on the go.

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