15 Reasons to Love Insights

  • Reply to your online reviews

  • Store your most important passwords in Vault (so you never forget them!)

  • Get notified when a customer writes about your business online

  • Compare your operating efficiency with Key Metrics

  • Schedule a post on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

    Coming Soon
  • Flag reviews that are malicious or inaccurate

  • See how many new customers are visiting your business

    Coming Soon
  • Update your business info so customers can always find your business

  • Compare your revenue to other similar businesses

  • Track your cash revenue alongside credit and debit cards

    Coming Soon
  • Compare your performance across all of your business locations

  • Add notes about your revenue so you never forget what impacted your business

  • See how fast your market is growing

  • Save your most important business documents in one place

    Coming Soon
  • See when competitors run marketing campaigns

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