Wind River works with software providers to create strategic differences that include:

  • Creating a new version of your software that brings leading security and protection to your customers
  • Delivering a level of service to ensure your customers have the best experience, based on your strategy
  • Reducing the complexity of the payment environment for you and your customers
  • Providing transparent, competitive pricing that ensures invoice stability for your customers and greater payment revenue for you
  • Reducing the expense and eliminating the frustration of certification for PA-DSS 3.0
  • Delivering accessible, top of the line service with a team who knows you and understands your business

Simply integrating payments in your software without a solid strategy won’t necessarily set you apart from competitors. Without a plan, payments are simply table stakes that allow you to effectively compete – not surpass.

To be different, you need something different – something better than what the other guys are offering. Something that will allow you to attract and retain more customers. To do this, you need a partner that doesn’t just enable payments but one that alleviates specific pain points – for both you and your customers.

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