Software companies focus time, resources and money on bug fixes and new releases. Developing an incremental source of income to offset those expenses can give you a strategic edge.

Wind River creates synergies that lead to incremental payment revenue for our ISV customers. Having a steady source of payment revenue enables flexibility to fund a variety of initiatives, which in turn, creates a perpetual cycle of growth.

Tip: If you currently are looking to transition payment partners, it is often well received when bundled with other software enhancements such as a new release, platform upgrades, moving from on-premise to SaaS, or as a complement to new features that you’re launching.

How to Maximize Integrated Payment Revenue


1. Use payment revenue to add enhancements to your platform.

2. More platform enhancements allow you to attract and retain more customers.

3. More customers mean more transactions, which mean more revenue for more enhancements.

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