Integrating AR Automation in Your ERP Platform is the Smart Move

Accounts receivable is one of the most important functions of any business. Many ERP solutions may offer e-billing, but true receivables automation that delivers quantifiable, financial benefits to their customers remains a gap in their solution.

Four Reasons Why You Need to Fill That Gap Today:

1. Your customers actively seek automation so they can:

  • Engage with their customers in real time
  • Accelerate receipt of funds with rules-based collection
  • Enable customer convenient payment channels and methods
  • Eliminate manual processes with automated reporting

2. The right automation tools will enable you to improve your customers’ cash flow – something near and dear to their hearts.

3. You’ll be generating revenue without incurring development time and expense – something near and dear to your heart.

4. Accounts receivable automation will differentiate you from your competitors.

Wind River’s Receivables Management Automation can bring the capabilities your customers need in their ERP solution. Don’t make them look elsewhere.

We’ll show you how enhancing your solution with true AR automation will drive revenue, grow your customer base, and allow you to jump ahead of your competition.

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