Most companies define integrated payments as the ability to accept payments directly through your software. Payment types are typically credit card payments but also can include debit card and payments made directly from a checking account via ACH. Wind River takes it much further than simple enablement.

With Integrated Payments Come Opportunities for Growth

Yes, integrated payments provide a convenient way for your customers to accept payments from their consumers. Looking beyond customer convenience, integrated payments can bring a great opportunity for you to create revenue and grow your business.

To achieve this, you need to approach payment integration as a strategy, not as a feature/function. The strategy you choose needs to be based on the goals of your company, your business needs, and the needs of your customers.

Examples of strategies include:

  1. Create a new source of revenue that can fund internal projects and added staffing
  2. Introduce tiered versions of payment capabilities
  3. Use payments as a way to transition your customer to a maintenance program

Payment Strategies to Drive your Business

Wind River has been in the payments business since 1999. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve helped software companies create and execute payment strategies that deliver quantifiable results. These strategies are included in our eBook:

“Win the Game: Payment Strategies to Dominate the Competition”

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This complimentary eBook uses concepts from SimCity, Settlers of Catan™, and others to illustrate how payments can be strategically used to fund your development, grow your customers, and win against your competition.

Customer Review of the Book:

“Wind River is right on target with its strategic approach to payments. We’ve successfully partnered with Wind River and implemented a number of the key concepts that are outlined in this eBook.”

-Matt Wilson, Product Owner
Esker Software

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Integrated payments are far more than payment acceptance in your software. Integrated payments bring revenue, business growth, and differentiation from your competition.

Let Wind River help you create a payment strategy that delivers results.

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