In the environment with more companies viewing data as an asset, it is no surprise that IT investments for collecting and analyzing customer data have exploded. Competing on analytics has become a critical strategy to gain more customers and get an edge on competitors.  But these efforts are not limited to the resources of the “C-suite” of corporations on Wall Street.

Wind River’s new Insights platform cuts through the IT requirements, complex systems, and resource limitations, to provide easy access of relevant data and insights for the managers and employees of businesses on Main Street.

Wind River Insights = transaction trends + customer feedback + competitor benchmarks.

So what is Main Street saying about the Insights platform?  Well, it is interesting to hear the different value and the benefits realized from this new system and information.

Some companies are finding new sales patterns and opportunities in the transaction trends and dashboards that compare sales activity over certain periods or events, including reporting sales by new or repeat customers.

Others are commenting on the time-saving benefits of seeing all social media customer reviews and ratings on one site – with some companies paying attention to social media for the first time!

One of the biggest user surprises is the ability to see and benchmark competitor information relating to sales activity, customer ratings, and current promotions.

And almost all like the weekly notifications and alerts, that allow them to track sales trends, review ratings, and be notified of poor social media reviews – all without lifting a finger.

Let us know what sales opportunities or innovations you discover through the new Insights solution.

If you haven’t accessed your account yet, contact us to see your dashboard today.  Begin a 30-day free trial with real-time and actionable analysis of your transactions, customer reviews/ratings, and local competitor information.