A number of new and revised fee structures being implemented by Visa, Discover and American Express OptBlue will become effective in October 2022.

There are hundreds of fee structures and not all are applicable to all card types or to all merchants. To simplify the information, we have detailed below the changes that will affect most merchants’ day to day transaction processing costs.

For a full listing of the changes and new fees, please visit October 2022 Interchange Modifications on our website.

VISA Interchange Fee Program Additions and Revisions

Visa is introducing several new fee programs associated with the Visa Business to Business (B2B) Virtual Payments program. These include:

  1. Enhancing the program by expanding the list of qualifying Merchant Category Codes (MCCs).
  2. Adding additional Program Identification Values that will introduce new programs to support the B2B travel segment.
  3. Introducing new Visa Flexible Rate B2B Virtual interchange programs for credit, deferred debit, and prepaid products.

Discover Card Fee Program Additions and Revisions

Discover is introducing new fee programs for the following:

1. U.S. Commercial B2B

  • New interchange program for sales transactions that meet the criteria
  • New programs defined for the associated credit/refund transaction types
  • All MCCs and Point of Sale (POS) entry modes are eligible

2. U.S. Consumer Public Services Maximum Interchange

  • New interchange program for sales transactions conducted with a consumer exempt debit or consumer exempt prepaid card that meet the criteria
  • Transactions that are greater than $200 and made with a consumer-exempt debit or consumer-exempt prepaid card that satisfy all of the other criteria for the Public Services Consumer Acquirer Interchange Program (AIP) should qualify for the new rate

Discover is also modifying its interchange qualification criteria for the Public Services US Consumer AIP. To continue to qualify at the existing rates, these transactions must have a transaction amount less than or equal to USD $200.00.

In addition, there will be interchange qualification changes regarding eligibility for merchants under MCC 8398 (Charity).

American Express OptBlue Fee Program Additions and Revisions

The Amex OptBlue Services is introducing a new fee program associated with the following industry categories:

  • Charity
  • Insurance
  • Residential Rent
  • Utilities

Amex OptBlue is revising pricing for its Education and Government Programs as well.

In addition, Amex also will be revising the following:

  • Non-Swiped Transaction Fee
  • Non-Swiped Application Initiated Fee
  • American Express OptBlue Assessment & Sponsorship Fee

In addition, Amex will be revising previous MCC mappings to industry categories for Charity, Education, Emerging Markets, Government, Insurance, Other, Residential Rent, Services and Professional Services, and Utilities categories.

Wind River Financial believes in transparency of all association fees applicable to the merchant processing costs of our customers. As a result, we will be passing through these new fees with no mark-ups or changes.