You may have experienced some issues logging into our online reporting tool where it states to “enter your temporary password” or “your credentials are out of sync, please answer the following security questions to proceed.”  If you are experiencing errors similar to this, we suggest the following:

1.  If asked for your temporary password, enter in your current password and then answer all of the security questions.

2.  Follow the steps in this link if you still experience issues and utilize Internet Explorer 9 or 10.
3.  Still not working, try this:
a. Close all internet browser windows
b. Go to folder C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files (replace <userid> with your Windows User Name, this should be listed)
c. Delete all files in this folder
d. Reboot your computer and login
If you have questions feel free to contact your Relationship Manager at 1-800-704-7253, Option #4. Or e-mail us at info@windriverfinancial.com if that is more convenient.