The Wind River Advantage

At Wind River Financial, we watch your transactions and proactively notify you if you’re not getting the best rates. We work with your staff so they’re well trained on maximizing the program’s logistics. We offer in-house data security expertise so your data (and your brand reputation) are protected from compromise. We “pull back the curtain” on inside industry changes that can impact your business.

Payment acceptance and processing is complicated stuff, and the strategies for optimizing your program are changing constantly.

If there are cost savings to be had (those associated with the Durbin Amendment, for instance), we pass them onto you instead of keeping them for ourselves.

To back up this commitment, we’ve developed our seven-point After the Handshake service promise.

All this technical help combined with working with a team committed to customer service and happy customers (is that something your current processor can say?)

It takes a caring group of professionals to deliver on our After the Handshake Service Promise. In an industry that centers so much on technology, Wind River Financial still values the human relationships that make every business successful. And that’s something technology can’t replace.

With the “this is how you’ll do it, like it or not” attitude of many companies in our industry, payment processing may not seem like a way to improve your operations, customer service or bottom line. We also know that working with most processors can be so challenging, it’s the last place companies typically look to gain an advantage.

Many merchants remain uncertain about their rates and the services they are getting rather than call their processor.

Our industry has become a necessary evil of business, but we believe there’s a better way.

Our After the Handshake Promise

  1. Dedicated relationship managers who don’t just understand the complexities of processing, but the unique nuance of your business as well. You get direct-line access and fast response.
  2. Around-the-clock support with a dedicated toll-free help line, so you don’t have to wait until the next business day for answers and assistance.
  3. Continual qualification monitoring so we can immediately recognize – and help fix – any aspects of your program that might be causing you to pay too high of a rate.
  4. Regular program reviews to assess changes in your needs, your business or your industry that might inform changes or enhancements to your processing program.
  5. Proactive communication, regular service check-ins and open lines of communication, like our blog and social media, to keep you informed about industry news that can impact your bottom line.
  6. In-house data security expertise and custom security programs to help you protect your customers’ data – and your reputation – from compromise or breach.
  7. Training and implementation support so you and your staff know the best strategies for achieving the lowest rates and highest efficiencies in your program.

Compare Us to the Rest.

Ask yourself these questions about your current payment processor:

  • Is your program easy to administer and integrated with your other business functions?
  • Does your program come with complete staff training and ongoing support?
  • Does your processing partner help to minimize your costs by recommending some simple changes to your processing environment?
  • Do you rest easy knowing that customer and credit card data is safe from would-be hackers and the damage they could do to your reputation and your bank account?
  • Does your processing partner have the same high standards of customer service that you do?
  • Do you know the name of your service representative, and do they take your call?
If you aren’t saying “yes” to these questions, you are getting short changed. It’s time to talk with our team.

We’ve established our industry-leading After the Handshake Service Promise to ensure merchants have a daily partner in their electronic payments program – not a vendor that disappears after you sign up.

As our client you will benefit from:

  • At-will agreements – you won’t be locked into an inflexible, long-term contract
  • Dedicated client care managers
  • Regular program reviews
  • Continual qualification monitoring for best possible rates and 24/7 assistance
  • Ideas and innovations for program improvement
  • Complete transparency and easy-to-understand explanations

This is a reality for our clients. It’s just how we do business.