“Amount Due” What’s that?

You have just swiped a credit card and entered $150.00, the terminal dials out and comes back with a response on your screen saying “Amount Due $25.00“. The terminal is just sitting there with that message on the screen, and you’re asking yourself what do I do now?

This is what happened: The card has approved for an amount less than the total sale. Instead of giving a response of DECLINE, it’s letting you know that only $125.00 was approved and the customer still owes $25.00.

You must print the receipt for the approved amount before going forward. Press Enter, the terminal prints the receipt for $125.00, and at the bottom of the receipt it says AMOUNT DUE $25.00. The customer needs to pay the balance due by another credit card, check or cash.

If the customer wants to cancel the sale, remember, the initial sale has already been approved and processed. You will need to issue a Credit Refund for the partial amount that was approved. DO NOT VOID THE TRANSACTION!

Has this happened to you? Prior to this new change you would have gotten the response of “DECLINE”. Now, it approves the available amount, and let’s you know if there is a balance due!

Wind River Financial will continue to keep you up to date on all the new required processing procedures from the card associations.