Take This Short
Evaluation to Find Out

Essential to a successful integrated payment program is to partner with a provider who meets specific criteria. This criteria is based on industry best practices and includes:

  • Tailoring your solution to meet your customers’ needs
  • Providing a secure payment environment
  • Treating your customers the way you do
  • Enabling you to earn payment revenue
  • Delivering proactive customer care

Put your payment partner(s) to the test by taking this brief 10-question evaluation. It will help you understand whether you’re in the right payment relationship or if there are gaps that should be addressed. Simply provide your name and email address, submit your answers, and we’ll immediately send your results.

Your results will include your score, what it means, and your payment partner relationship status:

Red Light: Your partnership needs immediate attention.

Yellow Light: Proceed with caution. Specific areas are in need of attention.

Green Light: All appears to be fine with your payment partnership.

How Does Your Payment Partner Rate?

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