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Wind River partners with many groups and associations across the country to ensure that their members receive the best possible service when it comes to payment processing. Larger merchant services providers have a reputation of churning through new customers with their “sign ‘em up” mentality. At Wind River, we’re more about developing an ongoing relationship, one built on trust and growth. We’re proactive in the payment solutions we recommend, and our end goal is to see your members be successful.

Association Partnership Benefits

There are many benefits to your association partnering with Wind River. Based on the needs of your members and organization, you could receive:

  • Negotiated Revenue Share and Member Discounts – We can work with you to create a program that is beneficial to both you and your members through potential rev share programs or non-dues revenue streams as well as discounts for your members.
  • Custom Payment Programs – Based on the unique needs of your members and industry, we can create tailor-made programs exclusively for your members.
  • Added Membership Value – Payment processing and merchant services may not be your thing, but they are ours. By leveraging a partner you can trust, you’ll know that your members are in good hands while also enhancing the value of being a member of your association.

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Besides the advantages to your association, your members also get additional benefits through a partnership with Wind River.

  • At-Will Agreements – Your members won’t be penalized if they ever need to terminate services with Wind River.
  • Security – Wind River operates with a #SecurityFirst mentality. We understand that small businesses are a favorite target for data breaches, so we’ll arm your members with the tools and expertise to remain secure and compliant.
  • After the Handshake Guarantee – The most important part of our relationship begins after the paperwork has been signed, not before. Your members receive a dedicated Relationship Manager who will proactively work with them to ensure they’re always getting the best rates.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Here are just a few of the associations who we work with.

  • College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)
  • Indiana Optometric Association (IOA)
  • Minnesota Optometric Association (MOA)
  • Texas Optometric Association (TOA)
  • Wisconsin Optometric Association (WOA)
  • Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA)

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