What Are Contactless Payments?

While contactless payments have been taking off in other parts of the world for several years, the coronavirus triggered a tidal wave of adoption here in the U.S. – for obvious reasons. Contactless payments allow your customers to complete their purchase without ever having to touch the terminal. This reduces contact with yet another high-traffic surface and minimizes the opportunity to spread germs and disease.

Contactless payments are powered by NFC (near field communication) technology, and virtually all of your customers now have the ability to use this payment method through either their smartphone or credit/debit card. NFC technology allows the transmission of data over very short distances, thus facilitating a contactless transfer of payment information between your customer and your business.

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Types of Contactless Payments

Smartwatches – Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, FitBit and others all have built-in NFC and mobile wallet technology that allow for contactless payments.

Apple Pay – Apple’s proprietary payment method is built into all their iPhones from the iPhone 6 onward as well as the Apple Watch.

Samsung Pay – Samsung’s version of contactless payments can be found on newer versions Samsung Galaxy smartphones and smartwatches.

Android Pay – Android Pay is the contactless payment method designed by Google for Android phones and can be found on many of their newer devices.

NFC Cards – All the major card brands now offer credit and debit cards that can utilize contactless payments just by tapping the card on the contactless terminal.


A Modern, Secure Form of Payment

Wind River always keeps payment security top of mind, and with contactless payments, you can rest assured you’ll be providing a safe, secure alternative way for your customers to pay.

In fact, contactless payments are even more secure than the traditional mag strip swipe payments since the built-in NFC technology authenticates the payment and encrypts the data. This means that the payment information becomes useless to anyone with nefarious intentions.

A Variety of Contactless Terminal Options

Let Wind River help you find the right fit for your business.

Ethernet or Wi-Fi Terminal (Contactless Payment Ready)

Ingenico Desk 3500

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Supports EMV chip & PIN, swipe, and NFC/contactless payments
  • Color display and backlit keys
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Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Terminal (Contactless Payment Ready)

Ingenico Desk 5000

  • Supports all forms of electronic payments including EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe, and NFC/contactless
  • In addition to being able to connect via Ethernet and modem, the Desk 5000 offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options
  • Features a large 3.5-inch color touchscreen
  • Satisfies the latest hardware and software security requirements
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Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G Terminal (Contactless Payment Ready)

Ingenico Move 5000

  • Designed for mobility with a wide variety of wireless communications options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G/LTE
  • Supports all forms of electronic payments including EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe, and NFC/contactless
  • Seamlessly enables contactless payment acceptance by providing a dedicated customer-facing NFC card reader zone for faster transaction flows
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