Unlock Freedom and Flexibility with Mobile Payments

Today there are many ways to accept payments, and one of the most common and fastest growing is through the use of mobile payments, especially for small businesses. But the term mobile payments can mean different things depending on who you ask.

When we talk about mobile payments, we typically mean providing a small business with the freedom and flexibility to take payments on the go using a mobile or wireless credit card reader, all while offering no contract and flat rate monthly pricing.

This option is incredibly popular in the service industry including businesses such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, towing companies and more. They’re also a great option for companies that travel for trade shows, events or offer delivery services.

Introducing ForwardPay from Wind River

Are you looking for payment options but your business has smaller processing volume? Are you a small business that needs to take payments on the go? Then ForwardPay from Wind River may be the solution for you.

ForwardPay, powered by SwipeSimple, comes complete with a SwipeSimple Bluetooth card reader so you can accept physical credit cards wherever you are. It is also compatible with Android or iOS devices. If you want to learn more about ForwardPay, click below to read more.

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Mobile Wallets

If you asked your customers what mobile payments are, they’ll more than likely answer that it is the ability to pay using their smartphone or watch. This is accomplished by using a mobile wallet, which is technology that allows your customer to store their credit card and debit card information right on their device.

Then, using NFC (near field communication) technology built into the wallet through services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, your customer can just hold their device near the credit card reader to pay for goods and services.

In fact, all card readers offered through Wind River come built with the ability to take mobile wallet payments.

Mobile Payments - Payments on the Go

For many small businesses, mobile payments simply means the ability to take payments anywhere and everywhere. For the businesses that don’t have a traditional point-of-sale, lower processing volume, or have employees out in the field, you need the ability to take a payments whether you’re in a downtown conference center or wrapping up a service call in your customer’s backyard.

Benefits of Mobile Payments

  • Use your smartphone or bluetooth wireless terminal to accept mobile payments anywhere you have a wireless connection
  • Receive real-time payment authorization right in the field
  • Email your customer a receipt right from your phone or print one with a wireless terminal
  • Eliminate the risk involved with writing credit card numbers on order forms for later processing
  • Receive cheaper processing rates from the major card brands for processing Card Present transactions

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