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In today’s digitally connected world, everything can be done on the go. Even taking payments. Gone are the days where you needed to have a brick and mortar location with a stationary POS system in order to process orders.

Mobile payments are the perfect solution for service-related businesses such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, towing companies and more. They’re also a great option for companies that travel for trade shows, events or deliveries.

There are two incredibly easy ways to start processing payments on the go. With just your smartphone, an app and a card reader, you can start taking mobile payments anywhere you have a wireless connection. If you’re looking for a more rugged or occasional use option, a wireless terminal may be the way to go.

Key Benefits

  • Use your smartphone, tablet or a wireless terminal to accept payments anywhere you have a wireless connection
  • Receive real-time payment authorization right in the field
  • Email your customer a receipt right from your phone or print one with a wireless terminal
  • Eliminate the risk involved with writing credit card numbers on order forms for later processing
  • Receive cheaper processing rates from the major card brands for processing Card Present transactions

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Mobile Devices

In just a few moments, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a payment device. It’s as easy as downloading an app for your device and adding an encrypted card reader. By leveraging your existing devices, you are lowering your overall implementation costs. You also gain the benefit of a small, easy-to-carry device that can serve multiple enterprise purposes.

The mobile app offers robust functionality including the ability to email a receipt directly to your customer, but since most mobile devices aren’t designed for heavy commercial use, you’ll have to decide if durability and battery life are a concern for you.

Wireless Terminals

Wireless terminals are built to support payment acceptance away from your brick and mortar location for a full business day, which makes them perfect for a business that needs to facilitate payments at a trade show or event.

These self-contained units include integrated printers as well as software applications specifically designed to support payment acceptance.

They’re small, relatively rugged and can handle the wear and tear that comes from routine use. They are a great option for high-volume payment acceptance in a mobile environment.

Wireless terminals work very similarly to countertop terminals with two differences. First, rather than using a phone line or internet connection, they use a cellular network to deliver transactions for authorization. And second, they are powered by a self-contained battery.

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