A More Secure Ecommerce Environment For Your Customers

Our ecommerce payment solutions will ensure your customer payment information never touches your website or network. In turn, your customer experiences a seamless check-out and payment process while you get the peace of mind knowing sensitive cardholder data has bypassed your system completely. Payment data is masked and can be safely stored away from harm for maximum convenience when the customer returns to buy from your website again.


How It Works

Customers visiting your site select the products and services they want and place them in a shopping cart or payment form customized to align with your company’s brand.

When that customer selects payment with credit or debit card and enters their payment information, the sensitive data bypasses your website and is entered directly into Wind River’s secure payment host…all behind the scenes. Your customer only experiences your branded check-out or payment page.

During this process, you and the customer both receive instant notification if the payment is approved or declined.

The sensitive data is redirected to a secure third-party host and is immediately translated to a “token” – a new alpha-numeric string attached to that specific cardholder. This token is what allows that same customer to return to your site for another purchase and not need to re-enter their card information.

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Key Benefits

By implementing our ecommerce payment processing solution, the cost and scope of your ongoing data security compliance can be reduced. The risk of data compromise or breach is deferred to the third-party host.

What this means is that you maintain control of the look and feel of the customers payment experience as well as customer receipts and transaction records while mitigating the security risk that comes with handling customer payment information.

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