Automatically Update Your Customers’ Credit Card Details

Contacting customers whose credit or debit cards have expired, been reissued or declined can be time consuming for your staff and cause an unnecessary bottleneck in your revenue flow.

Wind River solves this problem by automatically updating your stored credit and debit card data to include:

  • Expiration Date Changes
  • Card Upgrades
  • Account Number Updates
  • Reissued Cards
  • Lost/Stolen Cards

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In addition to making your life easier by keeping customer payment info current, there are several other important benefits:

Decreased Payment Disruptions –Payment disruptions due to out-of-date information can lead to payment delays at best or lost sales and/or closed accounts at worst when customers are forced to consider alternative services.

Reduced Collection Costs – Collecting payments on accounts that have expired card information is a troublesome and costly process. Account Updater can eliminate or reduce your need to put accounts in a collection status.

Increased Productivity – Your staff will need to spend less time reaching out to customers for updated information or manually collecting payments, freeing them up for more important tasks.

Protect Your Repeat and Recurring Transactions

Storing card data to support repeat business and recurring payments is ultra-convenient for your customers. They don’t even need to think about it. Disrupting this process with a decline may prompt your customers to reassess their account with you or consider alternatives.

Save Resource Time

Automatically updating credit card data will enable you to eliminate the hours upon hours your staff spends chasing down customers for updated information. One Wind River customer was actually able to reduce the time it spent resolving declines due to inaccurate card data by 60 percent.

Keep Your Customer Payment Information Up-to-Date

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How It Works

Businesses that process a lot of recurring monthly payments (membership organizations, health clubs, self-storage, periodicals and other subscriptions, etc.) can save time, effort and potentially reduce customer attrition by updating card information automatically without customer contact.

This convenient feature will allow your business to refresh stored cardholder data proactively by automatically receiving updates to card-on-file account data. Up-to-date billing information will be provided monthly.

This way, regardless of when the billing cycle takes place, card numbers and expiration dates will be current, thus enabling charges to go through seamlessly.

Need an easier way to keep your customer payment information current?

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