Are You "Security First"?

We see too many companies with a "finish line" approach when it comes to data security and compliance, but compliance is too small a goal. If you follow this approach, you're going to quickly find that the "finish line" keeps moving. Being compliant is not the same as being secure. 

It is for this reason that we challenge our clients to be "security first." To help them reach this goal, we've partnered with TrustWave® to create the Advanced Security Package. 

The Advanced Security Package (ASP) is built to provide tools and capabilities that not only reduce your risk but save you time and money as well. The benefits of changing to a "security first" mindset are numerous and using this package makes it easier than ever. 

In today's environment, payment card data is a key goal of cybercriminals, and they'll stop at nothing to gain access to it. The statistics show that no size business is escaping their notice. In fact, small to medium-size businesses have become a primary target, and the majority of cyber attacks are on businesses with fewer than 100 employees. 

It's statistics like these that highlight exactly why security needs to be a top priority to ensure your company's success.


"16.7 Million Americans were victims of data breaches last year."

"Data breaches were up 44.7% in 2017, and 55% of those affected were businesses."

"80% of small businesses that suffer a breach go out of business within 18 months."

A Security Solution for Easier PCI DSS Compliance

We designed the Advanced Security Package (ASP) especially for businesses with limited IT resources. Many businesses don't have a resource on hand that is knowledgeable in areas of risk, data security or PCI DSS compliance. 

ASP helps fill that gap and provides a greater breadth of security capabilities than you'd find from any single security vendor. If you shopped for each of these tools independently, the costs to you will be many times greater. Plus, you'd have to deal with each vendor separately. 

The Advanced Security Package is designed to improve your overall security posture by adding additional layers to your data security defenses while also streamlining your PCI DSS compliance process. 

Security is the foundation of compliance. Remember - Security First! 

If you'd like more information, feel free to read our Frequently Asked Questions about the Advanced Security Package.


Keep Your Business Secure.



Advanced Security Package (ASP) Key Features

According to a recent survey by TrustWave® of over 1,000 IT professionals, there are four key areas that keep them up at night. ASP addresses those four areas by providing 13 different tools to enhance your data security capabilities.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

1. External Vulnerability Scans

Certified external vulnerability scans designed to detect and report security shortcomings of the target physical location and/or website from the perspective of a would-be hacker.


3. Credit Card Data Scanner

Inspects the endpoints for storage of sensitive or PCI-prohibited data including credit card data and full magnetic stripe data. 


5. Security Configuration Monitor

Monitors the endpoint's security configuration against the relevant PCI Data Security Standard controls allowing you to discover and address policy and security weaknesses quickly and holistically on mobile and fixed endpoints.

2. POS Application Detection

Monitors the endpoints for known payment applications and reports on their compliance status.


4. File Integrity Monitor

Detects unexpected or malicious changes to critical system files, directories and registry settings for Windows and Linux OS endpoints.

Preventing Malware and Malicious Activity

1. Web Malware Monitoring

Regular monitoring for malware that may be present on the merchant's website. It also tracks other issues that may affect consumer confidence in the website, such as being listed on a search engine blacklist, domain hijacking and expired SSL certificates.


3. TrustWave® Antivirus

Prevents, detects and removes malicious computer viruses for Windows, Linux, and Android OS endpoints.

2. POS Tracker

Helps track and monitor POS equipment for tampering and substitution.

Strengthening Access Security

1. Remote Access Security

Monitors and tracks remote access software installed and enabled on the endpoint. Provides guidance on best practices for configuring remote access securely.


3. Mobile Device Security

Audits and reports on security and compliance of the device to enable proactive defense. 

2. Unauthorized Device Security

Inventories the local network as well as monitoring for unknown rogue devices.

Improving Reporting

1. Security Policy Generator

Helps the merchant meet the relevant PCI SAQ requirements and speeds the process of showing the compliance.


3. SAQ Templates

Enables automatic recognition of your security solutions and can prefill answers to all applicable questions for the SAQ, saving you time.

2. Security Health Check

Monitors the basic health of the endpoints to ensure security settings are in place and active.