eCommerce Payment Solutions

eCommerce Payment Processing Solutions

Do you want your customers to have the convenience of purchasing or paying online, but you have no idea how to ensure their information is safe? Our secure payment systems create seamless transactions for your customers through secure systems, giving you the peace of mind knowing our experts are on top of things.

Even though it’s recommended not to store credit card information, you may want this option to make the purchase process easier for your repeat customers. We recommend “tokenization” which makes it convenient for your customers to pay with an account on file while sensitive credit card data is securely stored with our third party host.

Merchant Challenge

You want to accept credit cards on your web site to sell merchandise online or recieve payments for services, but you know passing or storing sensitive cardholder data is risky and requires significant resources to meet payment industry security requirements.

Wind River Financial eCommerce Solution:

By implementing one of Wind River Financial secure solutions you can ensure payment information never touches your web site or network server. The customer experiences a seamless check-out or payment process and you achieve peace of mind knowing that sensitive cardholder data has bypassed your system completely. That information is masked and can be safely stored away from harm for maximum convenience when the customer returns to buy from your website again.

Contact your Wind River Financial Relationship Manager today and ask about E-Commerce Redirect.  We’ll customize a solution that provides convenience and security for your customers, and complete peace of mind for you!