Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Payment Processing Solutions

Your company’s payment solution options don’t need to be limited because you don’t have a brick and mortar business. Mobile devices can easily be turned into payment devices (yes, your smart phone!) with a simple app, then easily email a receipt to your customer.

Have a physical store but need to take your show on the road for a special event? Wireless payment solutions solve the problem, allowing you to take payment and print customer receipts on the spot.

Mobile payment solutions at a glance

Many merchants have opportunities to provide their goods and services away from their brick and mortar location. They have service people in the field or product delivery services that bring their goods and service right to the consumer. Home repair and pizza delivery are a couple of examples of these types of merchants.

Others find opportunity to sell at public events, industry conferences, or at other types of offsite environments. In each case, accepting payments has been a challenge. Some merchants write credit card numbers down on a work order and take it back to their store for processing. Some phone or radio the number from their trucks for authorization prior to leaving the consumer. And some don’t accept payments at the point of service, but send an invoice as a follow up after the product or service has been completed.

Each of these ways of taking payments in the field is inefficient, risky, and expensive. Writing down account numbers and processing the payment later means handling the payment and sensitive data multiple times, and paying higher interchange rates. There is also the risk of losing the credit card information, or possibly receiving a decline when it is processed. And invoicing delays the payment altogether and sets up the potential for past due collection issues.

The ability to accept payments through cellular mobile devices has been around since the early 1990’s. However, it has only been over the last 10 years that cell coverage has expanded and data plans improved; and now, smartphone technology has made mobile payments an even more affordable option for many merchants selling products and services in the field. Mobile payment acceptance allows businesses to effectively accept debit and credit card payments at the location and time of service or delivery.

This anywhere, anytime solution eliminates invoicing and payment delays, increase efficiencies and reduces risk – all while saving money of transaction processing costs.

There are two ways to leverage cellular technology to accomplish mobile payment acceptance for your business. Each has significant benefits and some shortfalls, dependent on the environment in which you operate.