TC CardCurrent™

Key benefits and features of TC CardCurrent:

What are the Key Benefits?

Some of the important benefits of this service include:

  • Decreased payment disruptions, leading to increased customer retention
  • Convenient automated updates of critical account information
  • Reduces staff consuming time of contacting clients for their updated credit and debit card information


When customer credit or debit cards expire or are declined, it can be time consuming for staff to reach out to request new card numbers.  Oftentimes, it can result in lost business because a customer will close their account or consider alternatives rather than update their information.  At a minimum, it can cause a payment delay.  TC CardCurrent can solve these challenges by updating payment card information behind-the-scenes, without customer contact.

How it does it work?

TC CardCurrent is easy to set up and use.  The solution allows businesses to refresh stored cardholder data proactively by receiving updates to card-on-file account data.  Up-to-date billing information will be provided monthly.  Regardless of when the billing cycle takes place, card numbers and expiration dates will be current enabling charges to go through seamlessly.

TC CardCurrent is a perfect complement to TC Citadel®, which provides businesses the ability to safely and securely process payments without the need to store cardholder payment information.  Merchants exchange payment card information for Billing IDs.  Billing IDs are tokens that are not based on the Primary Account Number (PAN) data, cannot be reversed engineered and can be stored in plain text.

TC CardCurrent and TC Citadel® are products powered by our partner TrustCommerce.