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Getting Started With ASP

Step 1 – In order to activate the Advanced Security Package, you will need to visit the Trustwave® TrustKeeper web portal to install the Trustwave Endpoint Protection Suite. When you arrive on the page, click on the “Get Started” button.

Step 2 – Follow directions in the TrustKeeper web portal to be placed in the proper version of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Complete the SAQ and set up vulnerability scans if appropriate (the portal will help you with this).

Step 3 – Once you have completed the SAQ and successfully passed your first scan (if applicable), you will have validated PCI-DSS compliance. Wind River Financial will have visibility to your compliance status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is participation mandatory?

Yes. The payment brands require that all entities that accept payment cards be PCI compliant.

How do these solutions help keep my business safe?

The solutions included in the Endpoint Protection Suite were specifically designed to address the major areas often targeted by cybercriminals. Those areas are covered by monitoring security gaps, the health of endpoints, local networks, system files, malicious viruses, POS equipment, and malware. By implementing the tools offered in Endpoint, you can rest assured that your business is much safer from cyber attacks than it was before.

How does this package save my business money?

By scaling down these enterprise-level solutions to fit into one package, we were able to drive down the cost. This allows you to save money by not having to purchase these tools individually at a higher price. You need these solutions to protect your business and so the most cost-effective decision is to with the Advanced Security Package and Endpoint.

What if I am already enrolled with a different security vendor?

If you choose to stay with a different security vendor, you will be required to provide proof of compliance through the Trustwave portal to avoid monthly non-compliance fees.

If I only use a terminal, am I still required to be compliant? What if I don’t store credit card data?

Yes. Terminal-only merchants will have a lesser validation type, but they must still complete it. Data can be intercepted while being transmitted, which means that you must still validate compliance, even if you do not store credit card data.

How exactly do these products expedite the PCI process?

By enabling Endpoint, you will simplify your process of validating PCI compliance. ASP will automatically recognize the security solutions that you have implemented and prefill answers to all applicable questions in your SAQ. This means fewer questions need to be addressed and an overall easier experience of achieving PCI compliance.

Do I really need all 13 of these solutions?

Yes. Each of these solutions has been designed to address a specific area for both security needs as well as PCI compliance. Rather than having to implement each tool one-by-one, ASP bundles all the tools into the Endpoint Protection Suite. This means all you need to do is download the Endpoint software and you will have access to all 13 solutions.

What if my IT provider is telling me I don’t need these tools?

As a leader in the cybersecurity industry, our partner Trustwave knows which solutions that businesses of all sizes must have in place to combat the ever-changing threat landscape. Your IT provider may know best regarding various areas of your technical environment, but when it comes to addressing security threats, Trustave is the expert and is part of the Leader’s Quadrant in Managed Security according to Gartner.

If I am already compliant, should I still have Breach Protection?

Being compliant is not a guarantee against a breach. It only means that you are practicing the minimum information security best practices as required by the industry. Breaches normally result in significant costs, which Breach Protection is designed to help you cover. At Wind River Financial, we are proud to offer $100,000 coverage per individually-affected merchant ID number.

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