At this time of Thanksgiving, we take pause to reflect upon and count our blessings. This natural occurrence, more often than not, results in a smile on our face and warm feelings of gratitude inside.

We are all fortunate to live in the freedom of this great country and relish the opportunity for achievement. At Wind River Financial, we are fascinated to see how opportunity has flourished for many of our clients, and we are privileged to be a part of many wonderful success stories. The friendship and confidence you have shown in us is an honor and something we do not take for granted.

In 2015, we will be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the founding of Wind River. As we approach that milestone, we come to realize just how fortunate we have been over the many years. Today we work with almost 3,000 businesses across the country, from small auto repair shops and family owned stores, to regional insurance companies and multi-location health establishments. For all of our Clients big and small, we are deeply thankful. Every day you bring a smile to our face and make us realize just how fortunate we are.

As the holiday season begins, we offer our best wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mark Taber

President & CEO, Wind River Financial