“After the Handshake” is not just a tagline. It is our culture– a way of thinking about our customers that drives us to provide more and better service to you. It is about driving value, taking away the need for you to focus on payment processing, so you can focus on your business.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Carow, and I am pleased to have been named the new President and CEO of Wind River. I have been in the payment, technology and software industry for over 25 years and am excited to be part of the team that is here to serve you!

My first order of business has been to sit down with our staff so I can see and understand in detail what After the Handshake is in a tangible way. This has been a great experience for me as I have heard multiple stories that exemplify the difference that After the Handshake is making to our customers.

Here is an excerpt of a recent email that I wanted to share with you.

“We are several months in with Wind River and could not be happier with our services. I wanted to thank you and your team!!!!  It is awesome to be in the hands of a team that care about the businesses they work with.

Everything so far has exceeded my expectations. I felt it was important to share. Please give everyone on the team a high five for me.  The customer service, website, and statements have been so simple to work.  We finally feel that the processing fees are worth paying!”

That is one example of what After the Handshake means to this customer.

I am proud to be a part of an organization that was founded on providing real service and real value to each customer. It is what truly makes us unique. Now we are challenging ourselves to continue to grow in our ability to bring value and to further understand and meet your needs before, during and after the transaction.

In the coming months, I am looking forward to meeting and talking with you to understand those needs so we may better serve you, our valued customers. Our goal is to continue to build on our strengths and value – with you at the center of the picture.

The team here is excited to have you as our customer, and look forward to our continued success together!