Children are anxiously awaiting the chance to celebrate Halloween by knocking on doors and exclaiming, “Trick or Treat!” For these children, it’s all treats. Unfortunately for far too many businesses, many customers of ours, there is a real game of “Trick or Treat” going on, and it is all tricks.

We have heard from several customers over that last couple weeks, that have told us they received a phone call from imposters representing that they are from their current merchant services provider or an “Industry Watchdog.” These dogs are saying they have noticed something wrong with their merchant services account and to simply fill out some paperwork to correct the problem, usually focusing on correcting a problem that will lower their rates. In the multiple cases that our customers have brought to us, this paperwork is actually an application, to not only switch their account over to them, but to lock them in to a long-term contract. Even worse, last week one of the “reps” on the phone tried to attempt to reprogram their terminal over the phone, over to that new processor!

There are no industry watchdogs in the merchant services industry. Although with these tricky tactics, there definitely should be!

Please enjoy this Halloween season. Treats for all the kids dressed as ghosts, goblins, heck, even the scary killer clowns, but please don’t fall for the tricks of the adults dressed up as industry watchdogs! Contact us if you receive one of these tricky phone calls or if you have any questions at all. We are here to help, who knows, maybe if you excitedly exclaim “Trick or Treat” we will send you out some candy treats!

Happy Halloween!