The Wind River Team

Working in the payment processing industry in the '90s, brothers-in-law Matt Uselman and Mark Courchane were tired of seeing customers being taken advantage of by unscrupulous practices. Together they founded Wind River Financial, determined to bring integrity and customer service back to the industry. Wind River holds a strong commitment to developing a culture that attracts and nurtures happy team members:
Happy Team + Committed Leaders = Happy Customers.

About Wind River

In a world where payment processing is confusing, poor service abounds and customers feel left in the dark, the Wind River team is shedding new light on payment processing and turning the industry upside down.

Photo illustration by Tim Burton
2014 Best Place to Work

We must be doing something right, we were voted a 2014 best place to work by Madison Magazine.

Not only are we changing the industry, we're making processing easier for thousands of merchant clients throughout Wisconsin and around the country.

Want to get a real idea of what we are all about? Call or email us. We'll get to work designing the right program for you.

Wind River Financial partners with banks, credit unions and trade associations to design and customize processing solutions for their clients and stakeholders. Banks and credit unions trust us to uphold their own standards of customer service excellence.

Case Studies

Orange Tree Imports
Orange Tree Imports

Orange Tree Imports is a local company that values local service, and when they get on the phone with their Wind River Financial relationship manager, it’s not always with a question or a problem. Sometimes, Orange Tree just wants to brainstorm new ideas – new trends or technologies available to them, virtual gift card programs, and even topics outside the payment processing sphere.

Orange Tree Imports knows that their relationship manager is watching out for them – providing a refreshing peace of mind, especially during their busy season!

Eagle Optics
Eagle Optics

Eagle Optics took an interest in pricing years ago, when they first became a Wind River Financial client. Back then, Wind River co-owner Mark Courchane sat down with Eagle Optics and demystified processing fee schedules.

Today, Eagle Optics looks forward to their regular account review, because they know they’ll get solid information about what their paying, how rates are assessed, and what can be done to minimize fees. Eagle Optics feels they have a partner that’s interested in growing with them over the long haul.

A Word from the CEO

Mike Carow
Mike Carow

If you're reading this brief introduction to Wind River Financial, that probably means you're looking into payment processing partners. As you do, you'll quickly notice some vast differences between us and other providers. Where client relationships seem to fade as soon as you say 'yes' to the other guys, at Wind River, we believe our work is just beginning.

That's the spirit that drives our After the Handshake Service Promise. We gladly accept the responsibility of co-managing your payment acceptance and processing program right along with you – and in doing so, offer ideas and solutions that can save you time, money or hassle. We keep watch over your program as if it – and your hard-earned profits – were ours to protect.

That's the difference between a service provider and a true partner.

I invite you to look closely at all the options available to you. I'm confident that once you've compared service, price and partnership side-by-side, you'll agree that Wind River Financial is an easy and refreshingly different choice.