No Long-Term Contracts

We don't lock merchants into inflexible, long-term contracts. Over 90 percent of our clients choose to stay with us year after year. That's the highest retention rate in the industry, and it's something we're both proud of and honored by.

Proactive Support

While it's important to promptly respond to issues, it's even more important to proactively address them before they arise. Our dedicated relationship managers offer qualification monitoring and regular program reviews.

Data Security

When it comes to a data breach, your business and your reputation are on the line. You have enough to think about when running your business, so we work hard to help reduce your risk of a data breach and maintain PCI compliance.

Integrity. Ingenuity. Transparency.

Wind River Financial doesn’t lock customers into inflexible long-term contracts. Over 90% of merchants stay with us year after year, not because they have to, but because they want to.

Payments are complicated and the strategies for optimizing your program are changing constantly. That’s why it’s bad business to just “turn on” your program and forget about it.

Our industry-leading After the Handshake Service Promise ensures that our customers have a day-to-day partner in their electronic payments program – not a vendor that disappears after you sign up.

The After the Handshake Promise

The Wind River Advantage

  • At-Will Agreements that don’t penalize you if you need to terminate your services.
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers who don’t just understand the complexities of processing, but the unique nuance of your business as well. You get direct-line access and fast response.
  • Around-the-Clock Support with a dedicated toll-free help line, so you don’t have to wait until the next business day for answers and assistance.
  • Continual Qualification Monitoring so we can immediately recognize – and help fix – any aspects of your program that might be causing you to pay too high of a rate.

“Value for me – value for Baker Tilly – is working with someone to help solve an issue…not to be presented with a cookie cutter approach. And that’s the difference between a strategic partner like Wind River and just another vendor.”

V. Allen Smith, Baker Tilly

The After the Handshake Promise

Our Service Guarantee

  • Regular Program Reviews to assess changes in your needs, your business or your industry that might inform changes or enhancements to your processing program.
  • Proactive Communication, regular service check-ins and open lines of communication, like our blog and social media, to keep you informed about industry news that can impact your bottom line.
  • In-House Data Security Expertise and custom security programs to help you protect your customers’ data – and your reputation – from compromise or breach.
  • Training and Implementation Support so you and your staff know the best strategies for achieving the lowest rates and highest efficiencies in your program.

“Their proactive approach was something that made me stand up and take notice. They have been really proactive in helping us decrease our qualification rate for our catalogue. Knowing that they’re watching is very valuable to me.”

Kim Fredrickson, UW-Madison Bookstore

Designed By Merchants Like You

It's About Relationships

We “pull back the curtain” on inside industry changes that can impact your business. We pride ourselves on transparency through pricing and in our relationship with you. It takes a caring group of professionals to deliver on our After the Handshake service promise. In an industry that centers so much on technology, Wind River Financial still values the human relationships that make every business successful.

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