COVID-19 has Kicked Contactless Payment Adoption into High Gear

Interesting how quickly the pandemic has changed the way we do things. We wear masks. We bump elbows. And we touch as few common areas as possible when we’re in public places.

The way we pay is no exception. Contactless payments were already on the rise, but until recently, this form of payment had not been made widely available by merchants. Despite 81% of Americans owning a smartphone or that the major card brands have been offering cards with built-in contactless capabilities for a while now, the amount of people taking advantage of contactless was minimal.

Then the pandemic happened. Everyone quickly realized that touching a high traffic area like a payment terminal was a great way to spread germs and the virus. It became the tipping point for the contactless revolution. Even menus in restaurants have gotten in on the action. Diners at the table simply scan a QR code with their phone to view their menu. No contact required.

Convenience Means Contactless is Here to Stay

Consumers may have started their gravitation to contactless out of concerns over the COVID-19 virus but the convenience factor is what gives it its staying power. The smart money is on businesses that are adapting their processes to address this shift in consumer preferences. If your business doesn’t have contactless capabilities, you are behind the times.

Wind River recently put together the short video above to explain the benefits of enabling contactless. I encourage you to give it a watch. It’s only a minute long. And if you have any questions, give me a call or drop me an email. I’d be happy to answer your questions or help you get started with contactless.

Consumers are demanding contactless payments, are you ready?